It is a proven fact that when you surround yourself with like-minded people who encourage and support you, you are more likely to reach your goals. That is why SoliHull Film Society exists.

Our purpose is to cheer you on towards your dreams in film making and help you find your success.

SoliHull Film Society is a collection of members who are aspiring to become film makers. We each long to hone our craft and do something that inspires us and others. Our group operates with transparency as we help one another by sharing information and discussing the lessons we have learned along the way. We desire to create content that is top-notch and memorable.

To make this possible, we surround ourselves with others who will constantly challenge us to always do better. We all have expectations that are high and need that push to help us get there.

The members of SoliHull Film Society come from within the film industry, but have a wide array of niches and experience levels. We are united, though, by our desire to achieve greatness.

Our philosophy is that film is both a business and an art. We choose not to follow the “starving artist” mentality, but have the attitude of exchanging what we need to create.

Together, we can succeed and make our film-making dreams a reality.