So you’ve made your film, you’re working to edit it and slap on the finishing touches and you want the world to see it. Where on earth do you even start?!


Start by SHOWING PEOPLE, word of mouth remains the biggest way to get art out there into the brains of those who need it. While you can rely partially on social media and online distribution, start inviting people over to watch it, cook them dinner, get their feedback, ask them to share it, etc. Your movie may not be the ring, but you certainly want to show it to people who want to show it to people who want to show it to people!


Once you’ve begun showing it to people, make it accessible online and provide the links to the people who have seen it, if they loved it they will hopefully share it with other people who will love it. Have no shame!


Join facebook groups dedicated to art/film/culture. Post reddit subthreads related to your film. Instagram the fuck out of it. Put it on MySpace. Put it on Spam the entire internet and all of its users with your masterpiece and don’t relent.


Artists cannot be reserved about their art!


And who helped you make it? Who edited? Who starred? Who provided meals? Who provided sets? Who drove you home that one night from set because you were too tired/drunk to drive yourself? These people are all your allies and should be helping you promote the art you all made together!


Did you crowdfund the thing? Make sure that everyone who helped fund your art has immediate and special access to it when it’s finished! Did your dad’s best friend, the lawyer, randomly donate to your project after your dad posted it on Facebook? Make sure he has a copy to share with his family/friends/colleagues.


Did your parents/partner/grandparents/cousins/niece/nephew/brother-in-law help? Financially or supportively? Make sure they are invited over for a special dinner/viewing party.


The point I’m trying to make is that if you create visual art and nobody is there to watch it, then what was the point of making it?! Share share share share!!!! And when you feel like people are getting sick of you, share more!


Have potlucks! Have fundraisers! Have viewings! Sneak a copy into other peoples’ parties with you! Be as annoying and as confident as you can possibly muster and fans will follow!