Are you an introvert in the world of film making? Networking is a huge part of the film making world. To many people, though, thoughts of rooms being overcrowded and unproductive make you uncomfortable.

Since film making is a collaborative business and art, you have to be able to meet with others who specialize in their craft or are able to help you be successful in your project. Making those relationships can help you in your career in this creative industry.

You know you need to network. You know you don’t like to. So here are a few tips to help introverts make the most of networking events:

  1. Get plenty of rest: Networking takes a lot of energy, especially for the introvert. Take time to rest before and after the networking event. Be sure you don’t schedule lots of meeting and deadlines the same week as your networking event. Pamper yourself, as well, to help you get the rest you need. Take good care of your health so you can reserve your energy for the event.
  2. Be prepared: Make sure you have questions and answers ready. This will keep you from feeling as pressured when you have to ask questions when meeting people. Have your answers ready, as well, for the questions others will be asking you about your craft. You may want to practice some questions for small talk also, such as where a person is from and some of their goals. Small talk is often a painful thing for introverts, so practice will help you be better prepared. Being prepared may also mean having a friend with you. They can be your safe person that you can return to when you need to relax.
  3. Set personal goals: When you go to a networking event, have a personal challenge in place for yourself. You can even make it into a game for yourself. Your goal can be a number of people you meet, how long you stay at the networking event, or any other number of things.

Hopefully, using these tips can help introverts better enjoy networking events. Try these tips at your next event and see how much easier it is for you.